Top Three Factors Destroying Your Teeth

Our teeth are aging. And they don’t have such a color as couple of year ago. Is there anything we can do about it? Well, yes, we can. And should, so we can keep our smile as nice as it should be.

And I am not talking about getting your teeth whitening at home.

Let me list for you the main things that are harmful for your teeth, so you know:

  • Foods. Yes, some of the beverages you consume every day make your teeth darker and darker. And it applies food as well. From drinks most harmful are coffee, dark tee and red wine. I am not saying you should avoid them at all cost. It’s just too hard, I know. 

But consider this:

You brash your teeth after eating something unhealthy (at least you should!) So the same way you should clean your teeth after you drink coffee or read wine. Keep that in mind when you fill up the next glass.

  • Speaking about cleaning your teeth. Another reason why your teeth stains is poor oral higene. If you lack proper brushing and flossing, plaque begins to build up. 

  • Tabacco products are bad for both your health and teeth. Cigarettes, chewing tabacco or snuff products particles of tar, which gets into your the spaces between your teeth. 

I already mentioned that our teeth are aging. And every dentist will tell you the same. Just like your skin and hair. That’s why some stains can’t be avoided. But even if you get them, you can always get teeth whitening london.